Garry’s Mod Patch Update January 2024 Changelog

Garry’s Mod January 2024 Changelog

January 2024 Patch 2

We are releasing a small patch today with some security fixes. Servers and clients are recommended to update as soon as possible.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Made Entity.PhysicsInitMultiConvex throws type errors when given an invalid input
  • Removed unused DLLs from game’s folder – bugreporter.dll, sixense.dll, headtrack_oculus.dll
  • Shutdown HTML after VGUI – hopefully, fixes a rare crash on game exit
  • Made the BSP whitelist case insensitive
  • Blocked access to .db files via the file library
  • Made GM: OnLuaError available on client and server
  • Made LuaMesh.BuildFromTriangles correctly modifies the mesh when used on an already generated mesh – This is now only permitted when the vertex count matches between the existing mesh and the new mesh.
  • Added safeguards against malformed .gma files
  • Added overflow/underflow safeguards to render.Push/PopRenderTarget functions
  • Fixed several security issues reported on HackerOne
Garry’s Mod Patch Update January 2024 Changelog

January 2024 Hotfix

Hello everyone,

We are releasing a small patch today with some minor fixes.

The changelog is as follows.

  • Fixed saves really not working on maps with spaces in their names
  • Fixed a number of security issues reported over the holidays
  • Fixed addon file paths being lowercased before being mounted, causing issues for Linux users
  • Allowed color correction files (materials/*.raw) and vehicle scripts (scripts/vehicles/*.txt) in map files
  • Made “Entity thinking for X ms!!!” physics warning to only appear when “developer” is set to “1” or above
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